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Neb Group of Arizona

Because Every Breath Counts


Neb Group of AZ offers an “onsite closet” nebulizer program to service Pediatric and Adult respiratory needs.

Benefits of the Neb Group of Arizona's program:

  • Nebulizers are ALWAYS in stock in the doctor’s office
  • NO COST to doctor’s offices
  • Neb Group deliver, stock, and put nebulizers in closet every time ! We “personalize your closet program
  • ONE-PAGE paper work (see sample) is very SIMPLE & easy for the clinic staff to complete
  • Superior nebulizers ( PARI Pediatric & Respironics Adult and Pediatric) with a 3-year Warranty. Both covered by insurance!
    We include mask, disposable Neb cup and reusable Neb cup!
  • Complete line of Pediatric and Adult respiratory products to promote COMPLIANCE
  • Cash Cost to patient is below industry average
  • Bottom line: Patient leaves office with nebulizer and can give treatment at home and not have to wait for DME delivery!
  • Paper work is then faxed to Neb Group and Neb Group is responsible for all billing.
  • We are contracted with a majority of all major private and Medicad Insurance Companies.
    Click here for a list of our Insurance Providers.

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